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Our Historic Property

The property at 132 Lurline Street Katoomba has a rich history inextricably linked to the development of Katoomba.

Built by HA Bundy in 1898, the house was originally called Rubyston, and was used as a furnished letting house. Look for the charming photograph of the house and garden in the Bundy period, in the restaurant today. 

Rubyston was sold to Mrs Clara Sinclair around 1911 when it was run as a small private school. A Mrs Martha Harris ran it as a guesthouse from 1921 until1932 with her two daughters.

In 1931, 132 Lurline was acquired by a Mrs Boyle who continued to run it as a guesthouse, but renamed it Pine Court. During this period a new dining room was created by the re-erection of the wooden hall from St Hilda’s Anglican church. The original hall, built in 1885 was dismantled and brought to 132 Lurline Street where it was lovingly reassembled and made into a dining-room.

Soon afterwards the property was sold to Tomas Thompson and his wife, who managed it as a guesthouse until Mr Thompson entered a nursing-home and the property deteriorated. It was finally revived in the late 1980s by Matthew Jones who opened the old church-hall annexe as the Lurline Cottage Tearoom. 

In the 1990s the property was bought by Monique and Roland Rummer, who created the Swiss Cottage Restaurant in the old church-hall and offered overnight accommodation adjacent to the Victorian house. 


In 2012 the property was purchased by Simon and Keiko Kjelgaard who ran it as Pins on Lurline, continuing their tradition of offering quality Japanese, Australian and Italian cuisine in the old church hall dining room.


In 2016 the present owners purchased the property and continue to run it as Pins on Lurline, focussing on fine cuisine while embracing the history and beauty of the Blue Mountains.

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